„The hifi tunes Book of Audio Tubes“


THE HIFI TUNES BOOK OF AUDIO TUBES offers tube lovers and collectors all the delightful and insightful reading that they ever could ask for. This eBook edition (in English) is beyond a doubt indispensable literature for any glowing fan of those glowing tubes: a well-balanced, diverse collection of articles on technology, amplifiers and tubes that's sure to please.


Take the time to enjoy the expertise, passion, dedication, humor and infectious enthusiasm on broad display in articles written by top-notch 'highest-fidelity' specialists, among them many authors for IMAGE HIFI, Europe’s most respected high-end audio journal.


These absorbing, evocative texts, written with just the right amount of edge and attitude, are supplemented by equally superb, high-resolution illustrations, many of which allow sensational looks at some of the rare and wonderful vintage legends of golden-age tube technology. In short: THE HIFI TUNES BOOK OF AUDIO TUBES is simply a MUST for anyone who loves and lives for high-end audio.


The articles highlighted in green can be read at no charge. Access to the complete online book costs 14.99 euros.


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