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Yamamoto A06-2

Four Impressive Watts or Going Single-Ended with the AD1   Japanese tube freaks just love old German tube technology. And the prime object of their desire is the AD1 directly heated triode. With its single-ended amplifier optimized to fit this very tube, Yamamoto has hit a bull’s eye with Japanese tube enthusiasts.   With help of...

Tube Amp – FAQs

What’s the best way to treat my tube amplifier? Here are the answers to some questions that keep popping up all the time.   The most frequently asked question about tube amplifiers concerns whether to simply leave them running continuously or to turn them on and off as needed. After all, owners of transistorized electronics...

The Holy Grail Revisited

  The Kondo ”Ongaku” For some years now, Masaki Ashizawa has been continuing the work inherited from the audio developer Hiroyasu Kondo. So, how well is he doing in perfecting the most legendary of all Kondo’s developments, the Ongaku single-ended integrated amplifier?   Some years ago, I was at a high-end audio show in Hong Kong....

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