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A Messenger from the Gods?

Audio Note Paladin   The Paladin: Historically, a knight of the court, trusted adviser to princes, a loyal follower. In fantasy role-playing games, a holy knight of the church, or an entity sent forth by a deity to act in its stead in the name of honor. Its resplendent form is characterized by a radiant...

The Pinnacle of Tube Technology

  The Tektronix 565   Some Impressions from the 1960’s   From the beginning to the middle of the 1960’s, quite a few major things were going on in the world. The Cuban Missile Crisis, the Kennedy assassination, the start of the Vietnam War, the ambitious space programs in both the Soviet Union and the...

The Impossible is Still Available – For a While Yet

  So, you want a 300 SL? With gull-wing doors? Brand new?   Imagine, if you will, that you went to your Mercedes dealer, found a salesman and presented him with your order for ”a gull-wing 300 SL, and please make it red.” We can all vividly imagine the possible reactions. They’d range from a...

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