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Garrard – À la recherche du temps perdu

  Welcome to a journey through time. The next stop: Crown jewels and display platters, 4,000 specialists and a handful of enthusiasts. Or let’s cut to the chase: Welcome to Garrard!   Do you know what it’s like to look backwards through a spyglass or telescope? Everything seems farther away than it could ever be...

Some Observations on the Subject of Vacuum Tubes

Anyone who's infected with the collecting bug should not waste any time with self-examination and personal reflection. Otherwise, you're going to have to find a doctor in whom you can safely confide. If, when you see him, you find that he himself has a beer coaster collection reaching back to 1892 or about 1,500 Matchbox...

The Queen of Triodes

  The Western Electric 300B   Among audiophiles in the West, the Western Electric 300B triode has now been considered to be the epitome of single-ended tube (SET) amplification for some 20 years.   Actually, the 300B essentially appeared some years before its own market debut in the form of its older sister, the precursor...

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